Marketing Strategies That Work

There are plenty of marketing strategies that big and small businesses use for their sales performance. Some of these strategies are old and some are deemed to be new. Yet, many businesses fail the first year of their operations. Studies suggest that a business changes control every half an hour; every year more than 25,000 new products are introduced to the market. So why is there so much fluctuation in the way a business is run? And why so many businesses fail despite following what is written on the books.

Jeff, the owner of a duct cleaning company, is finding it hard to keep current customers loyal to his business or increase his client base. Most of his clients purchase HVAC service once every three years. Jeff is looking at ways to increase this frequency. Coupons, discounts and advertisements that says “We offer duct cleaning for low price” haven’t made much different to his business bottom line. In fact, some of his regular customers have been switching to other businesses or even stopped buying anything from him.

As you can see from the above example, product data is not enough to sell in this competitive world. If you want to strengthen sales, you need to learn to add market data to your sales pitch as well. So, instead of saying that you offer the service for a certain price, give out information about what will happen if you don’t clean the duct and crawl spaces in your house. Tell your audience about the serious health consequences of not having a clean and safe environment around. Ducts are where air from outside gets filtered, so with effective duct cleaning, you are eliminating a long list of pathogens from the air and dust, such as bacteria, mites, waste, pollen and other particles.

Another set of business that should implement the above strategy by all means is garbage and dumping service industry. Take this example of a private corporation, an industrial roll off Chicago Heights IL firm, that offers various roll off bins to its customers along with labor, transportation and materials. So, instead of simply saying that the service can be obtained from this company, it is better if the potential customers are made aware of the harmful impact of not cleaning the surroundings. So, if you are on the move or want to clear the garbage out of your yard, coordinate your plan with a firm like this that has concerns for people’s health and well-being while being environmental conscious. The techniques used to clear the debris are safe and decrease your risk of exposure to unhealthy substances.

In addition to health hazards, there are many other area businesses can bring awareness in through effective marketing strategies. Misunderstanding about a product or service is quite common in today’s age of electronics and convenience. Bringing awareness is quite important since it is also safety concern. Your business will therefore need more than a name placard and billboard to make it happen.