Texting Is Not Just For Fun

As a small business owner, I can’t tell you how many hats I need to wear in one day just to keep things flowing smoothly. Since I am just starting out and do not yet have the budget to hire staff, many tasks I have to handle myself. And if you are a small business owner, then you know how much goes into day-to-day operations. While I do not yet have a brick and mortar storefront and operate solely online, in some cases, I am required to do way more than I would with a brick and mortar shop.

When it comes to selling online versus a brick and mortar shop, marketing your business can be very different strategy-wise as well as time-wise. A few years ago, I used to own a hair salon that was located within a strip mall and in a high traffic area. Just simply putting out a sign on the road or posting advertisements in my store window was more than enough to gain new clients. And the fact that I was located within a high traffic area and surrounded by other shops was a great help as well.

Now, I have moved into the wig making side of the beauty industry and I sell wigs through my website as well as via various online marketplaces. When it comes to selling on the marketplaces, I do get pretty good traffic as selling there is almost like being in the strip mall. I am surrounded by other sellers and the people are already coming there with the intention to buy. However, when it comes to getting traffic to my website, that requires a little more work.

Ever since I started working in the hair industry, I have always kept really good client records. Because of this, I was able to market my new services to previous clients. But since I literally have hundreds of client numbers, one thing I did that really helped my business was to implement some sms services for small business. Now, whenever I have any promotions or new items available, I can have a text sent to all of my clients directly to their phones. I love this service because unlike email, everyone reads their text messages so the client is more likely to see the ad. Outsourcing this one aspect of my business has helped with sales significantly. I now have more time to spend perfecting my craft as well as being creative in other areas.

As a new business owner, I have learned many things the hard way but they were all worth the lesson. And not having any funds to work with has actually helped my business as it allowed me to get more creative when it comes to marketing and advertising. I was able to take my customer base from my previous business model and parlay that into revenue for my new business venture. Sometimes, we can make the best things happen out of what may seem to be the worst situations. So the next time you are frustrated about money, just think of it as an opportunity to hone your creativity.