Understanding the Scrap Metal Industry

So, what exactly is scrap metal? Scrap metal is a combination of any product that is capable of being recycled in the metal form. It can be a metallic material or wasted metal. You can find this type of material in building supplies, vehicle parts or leftover from a recent project. It can originate from residential use or commercial and will be used as a secondary raw material for new metal.

These types of materials are very lucrative and can be used over and over again by certain industries like plumbers and electricians. For example, a plumber will use the brass fixtures and copper piping. However, too many people forget about the scrap metal industry and lack the knowledge behind recycling.

What Is the Difference Between Ferrous and Non-Ferrous

Before an individual can recycle any type of metal, they must know the difference between non-ferrous and ferrous. The process is very easy to incorporate, but you will need a magnet to test the metal. If the magnet sticks to the metal, then it is considered a ferrous type of metal. However, non-ferrous metal is the most valuable kind. Non-ferrous does not include copper, aluminum, brass magnesium, lead, tin, or nickel; which makes them resistant to corrosion.

How to Spot Ferrous Metal

Here are some of the different types of ferrous metal. And even though they are not as valuable, they can still be recycled.

Aluminum is found in places like a home or empty drink/food containers. You can simply look at the siding of a house external parts of a home to collect it.  Brass can be found on light fittings and door handles. It is commonly used for plumbing and can have the color of yellow with a touch of red. Copper is very common. Copper can be found in roofing materials or plumbing pipes. It is usually placed where electric wires are or inside of air conditioning units.

Who Can I Trust as a Scrap Metal Partner

Regardless of what industry you are in, if you are able to produce scrap, then you will need to know someone to help you retrieve it. For example, a car dealership that has old vehicles or a farm owner with old farm equipment. Afterward, you want to be able to choose a good upstanding scrap metal services hamilton oh to buy and process your scrap. Here are a few things to look for while you are choosing a candidate.


Make sure the team of professions can effectively process your metals with ease. They must have a good understanding of the industry. And they must be able to answer all questions you that you may have.

What Type of Services Do They Have?

Can they offer you transportation services or railcar dismantling? These are not necessary. However, you want to make sure that the location you choose is a one-stop shop for all of your needs.

Are They Committed To Putting Clients First

Work with a company that makes you feel comfortable. Find one that is able to pay top dollar for your scrap and handle all of the logistics. By finding the right company, you can be ready to start recycling today and turn a profit. Just think of it as a way to make money and help the earth all in one.